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When looking for a reliable service professional in the Whitefish Bay, WI area who can handle any type of wood flooring removal project, big or small, Contractors Unlimited LLC provides quality wood flooring removal results that will turn your dreams into reality. We will approach each wood flooring removal project as though it was our own. Contractors Unlimited LLC is a full service construction company, that has been serving Whitefish Bay, WI and surrounding areas since 1990 and has gained expertise by completing thousands of wood flooring removal projects. We strive to give our wood flooring removal clients a quality, finished product that you can be proud of and do our best to provide a smooth transition, as it relates to any wood flooring removal project that you are looking to have done. Contractors Unlimited LLC is a fully insured, bonded and state certified contractor to handle any wood flooring removal project that our Whitefish Bay, WI customers have envisioned. We are lead abatement certified and carry workman's compensation on every wood flooring removal site to protect our workers as well as our customers. So if you are in the Whitefish Bay, WI area and are ready to have your wood flooring removal project become a reality, you can be assured that our experts will approach your plans with the professional attention that you'd expect.
What Makes Us Unique?
With nearly 22 years experience behind us, we will make your wood flooring removal project an enjoyable process. No wood flooring removal job is too big or too small so if you're in the Whitefish Bay, WI area and have been told your wood flooring removal project cannot be done, or that you will have to compromise your idea, or if you have received an outrageous bid making you feel as though you'll have to look outside the Whitefish Bay, WI area for a service professional, give Contractors Unlimited LLC a call at (414) 315-2565 . Together, we will work to find a way to complete your wood flooring removal project without you settling for less. The experience and expertise that Contractors Unlimited LLC has gained over the past 2 decades ensures you'll get your wood flooring removal project done the way you want at a price that fits your budget. Contractors Unlimited LLC serves the Whitefish Bay, WI area and surrounding counties and look forward to talking with you about your wood flooring removal project today. Call us at(414) 315-2565 .
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Definition - Terrazzo Flooring Install or Completely Replace:

To connect (or set in position) a type of faux-marble flooring that is used to create walkways, floors, and patios.  Terrazzo floors are very durable and almost impenetrable to moisture, while adding a beautiful, custom look to any home.  Terrazzo contractors create a level, solid concrete foundation which is 3-4 inches deep, followed by adding a 1-inch layer of sandy concrete.  Then, a fine marble chip mixture is added before a lightweight roller is rolled over the surface.  The final step involves a terrazzo grinder (which is similar to a floor poisher), which grinds the surface before the floors are polished and sealed.

Is it time that you installed new flooring in your home? Maybe you are considering terrazzo flooring, hardwood floors, a laminate floor, bamboo, or just a classic vinyl floor?

Whatever your final choice is, just remember that certain flooring options are more popular with homeowners, which will help your house sell down the road. Another decision you have to make is whether you want to go with a name brand installation or if you want to save some money and buy a discount product.

Hardwood floors can get expensive by the time you are finished (think about removal, labor, materials, etc.), so having carpet installed instead is a great choice for kids' rooms, guest rooms, or maybe that forgotten basement. The next step is to hire a residential flooring contractor who is familiar with all the flooring options available today. If you want tile floors then try to find a tile floor guy who has experience and references. Installing a new floor in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, family room, or master bedroom is a great investment and a good way to increase the value of your house. Please answer the questions above so we can connect you with the proper contractor.



Our number 1 goal is to make your next Flooring project fast and easy! Our professionals work around the clock contacting and selecting qualitifed contractors for your project, for you to save money. We offer FREE Terrazzo Flooring estimates with no obligation, and guarantee your free service with 100% top quality customer support service.

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